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Discover the benefits of environmental friendly, ecological firestarters

Do you often light up your stove, fireplace or barbecue? Then it might be a good idea to switch to the use of ecological firestarters. By using ‘normal’ firelighters, you not only harm your own health, but also the planet’s health. During the igniting of the fire, a lot of toxins will spread through the air. This is because there was paraffin involved in the process of the production of toxic firelighters. There are countless benefits with switching to ecological firestarters. Fire-Up International is a manufacturer of these non-toxic firelighters and is able to tell you all about the advantages of a natural alternative to regular firelighters.

Natural firelighters, produced sustainably

The ecological firestarters that Fire-Up International offers, are manufactured in a sustainable manner, using only FSC- or PEFC-certified wood. On top of that, there is no paraffin used in the production of the firelighters; the company only uses vegetable oil. Because they are made from renewable sources, lighting up your stove, fireplace or barbecue with ecological firestarters is a environmental friendly and natural way of lighting up fires. Despite not being manufactured with the use of paraffin and other toxins, the ecological firestarters light up just as well as their toxic counterparts. They can even burn for six up to twenty minutes. On top of that, the cubes will not dry out or lose their firepower – even after opening – are not oily or greasy and do not create an unpleasant smell. The firelighters are available in different seizes and different features. It all depends on your wishes, needs and purpose, what the best purchase will be.

Learn more about the assortment

Has your interested been sparked by the amazing ecological product range that Fire-Up International offers? Do you have any questions in particular about the firestarters or would you like to gain more information on the company, their philosophy and production methods being used? Please get in touch with the professionals to learn more.

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