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Frigo Group's refrigerated transport and cold stores: innovative solutions for fresh goods

In the world of logistics and distribution, refrigerated transport and cold stores play an essential role, especially for companies dedicated to the delivery of fresh goods. Frigo Group is a prominent player in this sector and is known for its innovative approaches and high-quality services.

Frigo Group’s refrigerated transport

Frigo Group’s refrigerated transport is a crucial link in the fresh produce supply chain. With a fleet of state-of-the-art refrigerated trucks and an extensive network of routes, Frigo Group serves customers throughout Europe. The focus is not only on timely delivery of goods, but also on maintaining the optimal temperature during transport, which is essential for the quality and shelf life of products.

Frigo Group uses state-of-the-art refrigeration technologies to ensure that goods are transported under the right conditions. This includes advanced temperature control systems and continuous monitoring to immediately detect and correct any deviations. This meticulous approach means customers can be confident that their fresh produce arrives in optimum condition.

Frigo Group’s refrigerated transport is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. The company invests in sustainable solutions, such as using energy-efficient vehicles and optimising routes to reduce CO2 emissions. In this way, Frigo Group contributes to a more sustainable future for the transport sector.

Frigo Group’s cold store

In addition to refrigerated transport, Frigo Group has extensive cold store capabilities. The cold store acts as a strategic hub for the storage of frozen goods, maintaining the same high standards of quality and reliability as in transport.

Frigo Group’s cold store is equipped with advanced storage systems that ensure optimal temperature control and efficient storage of goods. This allows customers to store their stock safely and reliably, with complete peace of mind that quality is maintained.

In addition, Frigo Group’s cold store offers various value-added services, such as order picking and packaging, allowing customers to further streamline their logistics processes. These integrated solutions allow customers to focus on their core business, while Frigo Group ensures seamless and efficient logistics support.