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Generating energy with an algae bioreactor

Many scientists believe that algae can help solve worldwide issues. There are many advantages to using algae, and its uses are limitless. As industrial development and utilisation remain small, this potential is hindered. Lgem provides a solution. Bioreactor algae can be used to cultivate large amounts of algae more easily, faster, and more successfully.

Lgem’s AlgaeHUB

A low-cost method of growing and harvesting algae would be beneficial to those wondering about investing in it. By finding a low-cost solution to grow and cultivate algae, we can make investment costs lower. It’s possible to get a wide array of services at Lgem’s AlgaeHUB that will allow you to enhance your business and cultivation operation through a range of customer services. Assistance is also provided when necessary to uncover the true potential of these algae!

An AlgaeHUB facility near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport enables you to see the techniques in operation and how to improve them to improve the production of algae. You can see how the techniques work and what solutions and improvements can be applied to your existing system at the AlgaeHUB. You can cultivate algae at a variety of scales ranging from 25 to 10,000 liters using Lgem’s bioreactor algae. The bioreactor algae reduce costs and increases efficiency by 70 percent. This makes algae cultivation considerably more accessible to a variety of businesses. Growing algae has become increasingly easy to apply as a result of these new approaches. Algae are the answer to problems in the world of sustainability, and it is now much simpler to implement this solution!


Lgem technology

Lgem has developed a system that reduces the cost of producing algae by more than 80 percent and increases its efficiency by 70 percent. Lgem’s technology may be utilised on a small or large scale. It may also be utilized to improve the performance of existing algae production facilities. Lgem’s team specializes in engineering, planning, and implementing a highly efficient algae manufacturing process. It operates as efficiently as possible. Algae are used to create renewable energy. Biodiesel may be made from the algae. Biodiesel is currently produced from one hectare of algae collected annually. Because algae consume CO2, the emissions produced at a power plant may be used as food for the plant. This creates a closed carbon cycle, preventing additional greenhouse gases from being released into the air. We are producing a new type of renewable energy through algae that is good for the environment.

Algae harvesting still consumes a lot of energy and manpower, but bioreactor algae reduces costs and generally improves system efficiency. With further experiments and research, bioreactor algae innovation is at the forefront. Lgem is working toward a future where algae might thrive. Would you like to know more? Please visit