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Get specific types of flanges, such as swivel flanges, from this supplier

Do you need specific types of flanges, such as swivel flanges, in a particular pressure rating and dimension? Then discover the wide range of piping products you can buy at This web shop provides all the piping materials you might need for your piping system. So, also if you are looking for specific types of flanges, such as swivel flanges, they offer exactly what you need!

More about swivel flanges and their application

Swivel flanges are not regular flanges, but flanges that consists of a combination of two constructions. The product combines a heavy forged welding hub and a rotating forged ring. The construction of swivel flanges allows easy and rapid alignment of bolt holes when attaching to the standard flange. That is why they are perfect for use in offshore piping systems, as they speed up the process of aligning the bolt holes in subsea systems.

The swivel flanges that are available in this web shop

At, you can buy different swivel flanges for your piping system. If you are going to use them for offshore piping, it is especially important to buy corrosion resistant swivel flanges. Besides the material, there are other options to choose from. You have to decide upon the pressure rating, dimension and size of your swivel flanges. Once you know all the requirements, you can easily request a quotation from this web shop.

Simply request a quotation

Once you have gathered all your desired products in the web shop of, you can simply request a quotation. To do so, add all the items to your inquiry by clicking ‘add to quote’ and in the end submit your quote request. After doing so, you will swiftly receive a competitive offer. Before submitting your request, do not forget to check out their other piping products as well. They basically offer all the piping products you might need and provide the opportunity to order them all at once from their convenient one-stop web shop!