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Hot air balloon flight in Belgium

C-Air balloon flight Belgium is happy that you can discover from the air. You can decide yourself when you want to fly, in the morning or in the evening. During a morning balloon flight you may discover the awakening of the fauna, the bunnies and hares in the fields.

David Spildooren the hot air balloon pilot is happy to share his technical knowledge of ballooning with you. He also knows the region and is happy to tell you anecdotes and details about the sites flown over. We often organize balloon flights over Brussels

How does a hot air balloon work:

Hot air balloons work because warm air rises. Heating the air in the balloon with the burner makes it lighter than the cooler air on the outside. This causes the balloon to float upwards, even if it is in water. Obviously, if the air is allowed to cool, the balloon will slowly come down.

In aviation, a hot air balloon is an incredibly safe form of flying, and they’ve become safer over time. Accidents are uncommon, safety is of course one of our priorities. All the pilots who fly for C-Air have had a good education and are annually trained to remain continuously sharp.

Heights during a hot air balloon flight

Many people think that they would not be able to enjoy a balloon flight in Belgium because they are afraid of heights. Ballooning even offers the opportunity to experience heights without fear. Since the balloon goes with the wind, you don’t feel wind against your face – it’s an extremely peaceful experience!

Gift voucher

Are you also interested in a gift voucher? C-Air has specific gift vouchers that you can give as a present. After this, the lucky ones can contact us to arrange a date. Each balloon flight lasts about 1 hour with us and is followed afterwards by a glass of champagne and a drink.

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