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How to paddle paddle?

First of all, we’re gonna set his paddle. 

  1. Stand on the ground and unlock the adjustment system.
  2. Extend your arm above your head.
  3. Adjust the variable part until the paddle handle reaches your wrist and lock the clamping system.
  4. Then, remember to position yourself on the board, well in the middle at the handle. Too far back, the board will pitch up. Too far forward, the nose of the board will dive.
  5. Find your balance and spread your feet apart. The usual distance is the same as the space between the shoulders.
  6. Now that we have the right position, let’s move on to the paddle hold and action.
  7. The blade should be positioned forward.
  8. One hand is placed on the handle, which is called the olive.
  9. The other hand should be lower, about shoulder-width apart.
  10. Keep your legs supple.
  11. Fetch water far forward.
  12. Push with the olive.
  13. When the paddle board is in the upright position, bring the paddle back towards you using your abs.
  14. Stop the paddle movement when the blade is at foot level.
  15. To facilitate the paddle’s return forward, a small quarter turn of the paddle will help limit the grip on the wind.
  16. Make 4 or 5 movements like this on one side, then change sides and switch hands on the paddle.

If you are uncomfortable with balance, it is advisable to start on your knees. Adjust the height of the paddle in the same way but while standing on your knees. 

Informations about Paddle Here

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