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Is Agile Working Right for Your Business?

Do you find yourself constantly looking for ways to make your business more cost-effective? How about new ways to keep your employees happy?

If you think the two are mutually exclusive, this article is for you.

Do you know how people always say that things evolve incredibly fast? The workplace makes no exception.

Technology is bridging gaps, making tasks a little easier and if there is one place that can’t afford to be left out of this ever-changing movement, it’s the office.

Business owners have employed a rather traditional outlook on work for quite a while.

Technology is, however, disrupting the way companies and employees operate. Many are now appreciating and adopting new and cost-effective ways of getting work done.

Agile working is now rapidly taking over. Due to its ease of adoption in any workspace, this new way of delivery has seen many organisations boost their growth prospects within a short period of time.

So, What Is an Agile Workspace?

To put it simply, it is a form of work environment that applies the “anytime, anyplace, anywhere” slogan.

This basically means that employees have the freedom and flexibility to work from different places and thos place are also designed around the activity based working principle. Work is still carried out within the set guidelines but without the traditional boundaries.

The focus, therefore, shifts from where day to day tasks are being undertaken, to the quality of the the work, especially without the added pressure of showing up every day in the same place at the same time.

In the process, employees become more creative and productive as a result of the relaxed workspace.

Advantages of Agile Working for Businesses

There is a lot you and your company stand to gain when you start to see work as activity-driven rather than a place-driven. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come with this kind of approach.

Reduces Costs

With agile working, work areas require less and less partitioning, which means unnecessary office furniture and equipment is eliminated. There’s also no need to expand the existing space even as you accommodate a growing workforce.

As you transform your office into an agile working environment, make sure you engage a pro interior designer to design a flexible space that fits your needs.

Improves Your Ability to Acquire and Retain Great Talent

The average employee is becoming more and more aware of their needs. They are also likely to put their interests first, even before those of their employer.

Therefore, your employees are less likely to put up with a toxic work environment that might affect their overall performance. Being able to accommodate their needs through agile working makes it easier to retain your best talent.

Improved Productivity

Happy employees are able to be present for work not only physically, but mentally as well. Agile working is great for boosting employee productivity.

This is because agile working empowers them to think beyond the office walls. In turn, this also makes them more creative. In addition to that, they are able to work more often in teams.

It may sound counterintuitive, but when your staff isn’t forced to see the same people every day, they are more open to working together, even if this happens remotely. 

Boosts Competitiveness

Agile working uses flexible working hours that can be easily divided into shifts to accommodate a large workforce. The lack of a rigid 9 to 5 system reduces response time as different personnel is able to attend to clients more often.

This gives your company that much-needed competitive edge, as your service delivery will stand out as more reliable and efficient.

Creates an Opportunity for New Blood

What used to be known as “the millennial craze” has caught on and has become the norm. Now everyone is trying to tap into this new generation of workforce.

In order to bring these fast-paced workers on board, most companies have realized that the best way to get it done is to adopt agile working. This tech-savvy young generation thrives in flexible workspaces.

Plus, remember that Generation X is already becoming part of the workforce. If you thought Millennials loved flexibility, you’ll soon learn that Generation X members need it.

Advantages of Agile Working for Employees

Reduces Commute Time

People spend a lot of time is spent commuting to and from the office. A recent study shows that we can spend up to 4.5 years of our life commuting to work!

And with most cities experiencing crazy rush hour traffic, employees are also spending a fortune to commute to work. Agile working significantly reduces time and money spent on going to and coming from the office.

This means that employees can use their valuable time performing other work-related tasks and getting more done in a day. Even if they work the same amount of time in a day, they will be more rested when they open their laptops and, thus, more productive.

A lot of companies are even taking it a notch higher by incorporating a system that helps employees plan their day better. The use of hot desking platforms like the iOt Space app as part of an agile working environment is now enabling employees to share workspaces efficiently. On their part, companies are also now able to manage and cut down on their office operating bills.

Improves Job Satisfaction and Productivity

The absence of the traditional work boundaries motivates employees to perform better. Agile working creates an environment that allows employees to work when they are most productive. This creates a sense of satisfaction, pride, and ownership. It also motivates employees to use their skills in the best way they can.

Improves Work-Life Balance

The use of technology tools helps employees work from wherever they are. They also help workers structure their tasks in such a way that they also get to socialise and attend to personal errands.

They no longer need to take a whole day off for a doctor’s appointment. They can simply make up for the time spent at the doctor’s whenever it’s convenient.

Enhances Self-Determination

When minimum supervision is in place, employees are given the freedom to make decisions of their own. Agile working improves their ability to work effectively and efficiently.

The determination to work and perform comes naturally as a result of working in an agile environment. Pressure to deliver is also lifted since the employee feels empowered, trusted, and above all, valued.

In conclusion

To adopt or not to adopt agile working should not really be a tough question. The fact that a lot of companies all over the world have successfully implemented it is speaking volumes.

Of course, there are businesses where working remotely is not possible. Factories, restaurants, car washes, banks – they all need at least a few people on site.

But if your employees could work from anywhere, why not give it a try?