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Lorem Ipsum

What does Lorem Ipsum mean?

Lorem Ipsum is the dummy text in graphic designs, the initial stage of web development, and printing. It has been used since medieval times in the 15th century. It was first used by an unknown printer who jumbled up parts of a philosophical book to be used as a specimen text. Since the 15th century, lorem ipsum has managed to make its place in modern technology as well because it is widely used in electronic documents, website dummies, and different publishing services. In 1960, lorem ipsum became immensely popular in publishing when Letraset published sheets with it. Modern desktop software like Aldus PageMaker and Adobe Photoshop have increased the popularity of lorem ipsum in the 21st century. 

Purpose of Lorem Ipsum

There is no doubt about the fact that people get distracted by the readable material of a page while examining the page’s layout. Hence, lorem ipsum is used to create a natural distribution of the words in such a way that they do not distract the readers for the design of a page.  

Various software and applications have adopted lorem ipsum as their default text for initial designing and publishing. In this way, pages can be designed carefully, and text can be set at a later stage. Over the period of many years, various versions of lorem ipsum have been released by official and unofficial sources. 

Origin of Lorem Ipsum

Many people believe that lorem ipsum is a combination of random text. However, the source of lorem ipsum is found to be Latin literature of 45 BC. It means that it was originated in the 15th century. Many Latin professors have confirmed that some of the original words of lorem ipsum are derived from “de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum” by Cicero, which was published in 45 BC. The book itself is an important philosophical book. Sections 1.10.32 and 1.10.33 of the book are the place of origin of lorem ipsum.

How to get Lorem Ipsum?

Lorem ipsum has evolved a lot, which is quite understandable because it is about 2000 years old. Random words and humor have modified the original passages of lorem ipsum. Unfortunately, some people have started to hide inappropriate text in it as well, so you should always make sure that the text is suitable to be used, and there is nothing wrong included in the middle of the text. Several lorem ipsum generators are available on the internet. However, many such random text generators are not suitable and often repeat words, so it is essential to choose a good lorem ipsum generator, which creates unique text from a vast range of Latin words. The output of a lorem ipsum generator should be free of repetition, inappropriate words, and unnecessary humor.