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One of the most ecofriendly firelighters manufacturers

When lighting fires either for the stove, barbecue  or fireplace, you want a reliable product which does not harm the environment. Fire-Up International has worked hard for more than 30 years to create a sustainable way to naturally light your fires. Their products are environmentally friendly, easy and safe to use and of high quality. Both the product and the packaging have been produced in a very innovative way and are CO2 neutral. You can easily store this product near food products, because it is not harmful in any way. They steadily burn for 8 to 10 minutes and are available in different sizes for different uses.

What makes firelighters manufacturers sustainable?

During the combustion process no chemical reactions occur, which makes these firelighters very ecofriendly and CO2 neutral. This makes them perfect for lighting up your barbecue, fireplace or stove with keeping the environment in mind. The products of Fire-Up International are of high quality and exist in a wide range of products, sizes and packages. They are made from renewable sources and are totally non-toxic. Fire-Up International does not use any kerosene, paraffin wax, formaldehyde nor any other chemicals. Fire-Up firelighters are made from wood from FSC-certified forests impregnated with 100% vegetable oil. This makes them safe to use as your favorite brown firelighters, gaining popularity for all the right reasons.

Got a burning question for one of the best firelighters manufacturers?

Go green and use Fire-Up International firelighters to make a fire from your flame. Available in different sizes and quantities, you are able to store this product indefinitely. Do you have any questions about this great products? Do not hesitate to contact Fire-Up International and the will happily answer all your burning questions. Make sure your barbecue, fireplace or open fire becomes a success by creating it safely and ecofriendly.