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Swimming pool pump

Swimming pool pumps come in all shapes and sizes and we can imagine that you find it difficult to find the right pool pump. Is bigger or more expensive always better? Certainly not. We are happy to explain what you should look out for when purchasing a swimming pool pump. The next consideration will help to choose the right water pump for your swimming pool.


Choose fixed or variable speed

Basically, we van divide pool pumps into two categories: pumps that run at a fixed speed and pumps that run at a variable speed. The big advantage of a variable swimming pool pump is the lower energy consumption. You can always adjust or program the pump speed as you wish. In practice, you would be able to run a variable swimming pool pump more slowly when the pool is covered. The purchase value is higher for a variable swimming pool pump, but this pump will easily earn back the difference over time.


Swimming pool pumps with a fixed speed

These swimming pool pumps are still the most selling pool pumps. They always turn at a fixed speed. Important when choosing a swimming pool pump with fixed speed is to look at the discharge head. This is an indicator that shows the pump capacity at high and low resistance. You can often find this information on the product page of the swimming pool pumps such as


Swimming pool pumps with a variable speed

The energy-efficient swimming pool pump is a pump where you can control the amount of water that the pump must pump. The best choice when you opt for ultimate ease of use and less energy costs (on average eighty percent less). Often identified by the display on top op the pump. Because the pump often must run less fast, variable swimming pool pumps last longer.