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The best reasons to start a business in the Netherlands

There are many options when you wish to set up a business unit in Western part of Europe. The Netherlands shall in many occasions an enticing candidate to run your entreprise from. The advantages of company formation in the Netherlands are: the international business environment, as well as the Dutch open economy. In practice, many businesses from all over the world are lured by such a background and they are implementing the strategy of opening branch office and subsidiaries in the Netherlands.

One of the fast growers is the IT sector, this is caused by the high rating of Holland in the IT industry. Amsterdam houses the largest Internet Exchange of the planet, called the AMS-IX. Also a key factor is the start-up community. It all makes that the Netherlands remains to be a popular place for IT companies. 

Also high in number are the business venues active in import and export of goods. The large part of them are located close to Schiphol airport or one of the Dutch ports. Though also the industry parks close the motorways in the direction to Easter Europe or South Europe host many logistical companies. Not only Rotterdam and Amsterdam have large ports, also Vlissingen and Eemshaven have large and well-equipped ports. The air, road, rail and water connections and close proximity to multiple economically well-developed regions in Western Europe are the largest plus for settling.

Import in the Netherlands is strongly stimulated by VAT rules that offer the possibility of deferral of VAT on imports into the EU until the moment of invoicing and a complete absence of VAT if the products are forwarded. This will bring your company large savings on financing expenses because the improved liquidity.

For already more than 50 years, large corporates regard the Netherlands as a comfortable and reliable place for their head quarter. The reasons for this are the Dutch asset protection, attractive holding regime and an effective and sound legal system for joint venture and dispute resolution. Next thereto it can be said that the leave of the UK from the EU, the Brexit, is a reason for an increased influx of opening and registration of companies in the Lowlands.

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