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The technology of the future

Over time, space is becoming more and more difficult to come by. The population is getting larger, so more and more people have to make do with limited space. In order to deal with this, it is important that the available space is used efficiently. This means that smart techniques must be used to save as much space as possible. Only in this way is it possible to be well prepared for the future. At Lodige UK, there are handy means of dealing efficiently with space.


Saving space for vehicles

A growing population also means that more and more vehicles are hitting the road. All of these vehicles need a place to stand when not in use. This can take up quite a bit of space when virtually most households have at least one car. The safest place to park a car is of course on private property. However, you lose quite a bit of space by setting up a place to park a car. Usually you lose a part or even the whole front yard to be able to park all the cars. In order to still get a parking space you can choose to have a car elevator built. With an underground car elevator, the parking space can even be completely stowed away so parking a car does not require any extra space at all. In addition to saving space, the car is also protected from all kinds of weather conditions because the car is placed underground.


For parking garages, this can also be a convenient way to save space. Most parking garages have multiple floors. To get to the next floor, a large area often has to be set up to move the cars up and down. Again, a car elevator can be used to save space. A car elevator requires only a small space to install and has the ability to move cars to the next floor without any additional space.


Saving space within logistics

Quite a bit of space can also be saved in logistics. By using a goods elevator, goods can be moved vertically without placing additional vehicles in the storage area. For large quantities of goods, it is important to store in the height so that the space is used as efficiently as possible. However, storing in height comes at the expense of safety. A goods elevator ensures that as few accidents as possible can occur.

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