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When it comes to vaporizers, Storz and Bickel take the prize away because they are the most innovative, performance-oriented and high quality manufacturers. There is absolutely no doubt that the products coming out of the heads of Storz and Bickel will not serve your purpose efficiently. Storz and Bickel, known as the game changers, have revolutionized the vapor market by introducing a line of medical vapes, making it easier for millions around the world.

With big brands, there are always two siblings who are constantly compared. And when the comparison runs rampant, there is always the question of who is better and why?

There are two flagship portable vaporizers from Storz and Bickel; the powerful Mighty and its smaller brother, The Crafty. Even though they differ in size, they are exceptionally well made to deliver high quality vapor. From being your partner in crime to being your jam with the homies, they serve the needs and dreams of every vaper.

Mighty ruled the vaporizer market for a while with its features, but there was the drawback of being bulky and not discreet enough. As these grievances grew, Storz & Bickel rolled out another similar piece known as the Crafty, which was half the size of Mighty and fairly similar in performance. Each deserves attention, there has been since the ongoing debate about Crafty Vaporizers vs Mighty Vaporizer. E-cigarettes store is more convenient online.

Vaping Experience
One of the most sought after features is the vaping experience. I mean, this is why you get a vaporizer.

Storz and Bickel produced both devices to present with a vapor quality that is exceptionally smooth and flavorful. This is done through their heating approach that focuses more on the extraction of the terpenes and goodness of your herbs than on the seconds it takes to heat up.

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