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Water pumps

For every situation, there is a suitable water pump. Therefore, there are a lot of different
types of water pumps. In this article I will share some information them. Even though there
are a lot of variations of the water pump, they can be divided into three categories, these
are: self-priming pumps, centrifugal pumps and underwater pumps.

Self-priming pumps
These pumps are not placed in the water. The housing of this pump is equipped with a
suction and delivery diameter. Also, it contains one or more impellers. These impellers
resemble closed rotor blades. These exert a suction and a compressive force by spinning
around. This allows the pump to suck up water up to a maximum depth of eight metres. The
more impellers, the greater the pressure the pump can exert. Pumps that belong to this
category, are the irrigation pump, booster pump and the rainwater harvesting pump.

Centrifugal pumps
These water pumps are a lot like the self-priming pumps. The difference is, that these pumps
contain either very light or none self-priming features. These pumps must always be
manually started. This is because these pumps have less suction power. Because of this, the
centrifugal pumps are mostly used for smaller suction heights, or closed systems.

Underwater pumps
This kind of water pump is fully submersed in water. The water can easily reach this pump
because of their open impellers. If you connect a drain hose to this water pump, you can
transport the water to different locations. The impellers in the well pumps are placed above
each other. Each impeller is able to increase the pressure of the water right up to the
delivery meter.

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