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Why is SEO important?

Today, we are increasingly searching for information on the internet. Anyone who wants to reach potential customers should therefore ensure that their website ranks high on search engines like Google. And fortunately, this can be achieved through search engine optimization or SEO.


The importance of SEO

Being found online is more important than ever today. Most of your visitors come to your website through Google, so being visible in the search engine is crucial for attracting customers. Moreover, your website is also the business card of your organization. It should look great and contain the information that your visitor expects.


To be found online, you should aim to score as high as possible in the search results. You may do this through paid advertisements (SEA), but to achieve sustainable high rankings in the long term, you should optimize your website for search engines. Such search engine optimization or SEO takes into account all the parameters that Google uses to consider your site as the most relevant for certain search queries. With SEO, you ensure that your site is designed to be easily understood by both Google and visitors.


Good search engine optimization

Investing in SEO is important. It not only increases the number of visitors, but also determines how those visitors perceive your website – and therefore your business or organization. Is the site well structured? Is the information easy to find? Is it well written and relevant?


All these aspects contribute to how much trust your business exudes. And the more relevant the content, the more Google will love it! To make sure you are ranking for the right keywords, we first conduct keyword research. Then we know what (potential) customers usually search for and how your competitors rank for those terms. After all, many of your direct competitors also engage in search engine optimization.


Does it work?

One advantage of SEO is that it is highly measurable. Together with the client, we set goals that are monitored through Google Analytics. This way, you can see whether your investment in optimization is paying off in terms of higher visitor numbers, longer stays on your site, and online conversions such as sales or contacts.


With good SEO, you can achieve great results without expensive advertisements. You build your brand awareness and become visible to group of potential customers. In addition, you are seen as the reference for your domain in the target group you want to reach. More visibility, a larger reach, and therefore more visitors and potential customers. That’s why SEO is important.


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