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Dutch health insurance for labour migrants

Do you come to work in the Netherlands temporarily via your employer? Then you will probably have to take out Dutch health insurance. This is obligatory for everybody who lives and works in The Netherlands, even if it is only temporarily. Even if you already have health insurance in your home country, it is necessary to take out health insurance in the Netherlands. In some cases, your employer or employment agency has already arranged this for you. To be sure, it is best to ask.

HollandZorg flexmigrant insurance

There are many health insurers to choose from, but most of them do not take your situation as a foreign worker into account. HollandZorg does. For many years, we have been offering health insurance especially for people temporarily working in the Netherlands. A flexmigrant health insurance from HollandZorg has advantages for you, but also for your employer.

Easy to take out and cancel

As a flex migrant, you will stay in the Netherlands for a certain period of time, after which you will (temporarily) return to your country of origin. Therefore, you need a flexible health insurance which is easy to arrange, but which you can also stop in the periods when you do not live in the Netherlands. With HollandZorg this is no problem. And when you return to the Netherlands, we can easily reactivate your health insurance.

Digital EHIC

When you take out health insurance, you will receive a policy document. It contains your own details, your insurance details and serves as proof that you are insured. Do you need care abroad? Then use your digital European Health Insurance Card (digital EHIC). You can save this on your telephone. Would you prefer to receive a physical EHIC card? If so, you can apply for one via ‘My HollandZorg’.