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3 tips for dealing with Christmas decorations


3 tips for dealing with Christmas decorations

In December you have an extra good reason to decorate your house, because it is time for Christmas. By decorating your home at Christmas you create a nice, warm, comfortable atmosphere in your home that sets the perfect Christmas setting. Christmas garlands with lights will quickly make your home completely Christmassy and ensure the coziness you are looking for. You can hang them anywhere, inside the living room, in the bedroom but also outside in the hedge or on the parasol. During the dark days, you can create a wonderful atmosphere in and around your home with your Christmas decorations. However, it is important to handle the decorations properly. Read on for some tips!


Which Christmas light will you choose?

It is good to consider which lights you would like. With Christmas lights, you often have a choice of two types of lights. These are the incandescent lights and the LED lights. By using LED lights, your energy costs will be less than when you use incandescent lights. LED lighting is more sustainable because the lights last longer. Fairybell has all kinds of Christmas lights for you. Most of the lights are LED lights.


Time to go to bed

When it is time for bed, it is also time to turn off the lights. Many people forget to do this, but it’s best to do it. First of all, everyone sleeps at night, so there is no real reason to leave the lights on. Secondly, it’s better for fire safety not to leave Christmas lights on for hours on end. When you switch off the lights, you can be sure that they will not burn out or cause a short circuit. An extra tip to prevent standby consumption is to unplug the lights completely.


Time to put the lights out

After Christmas is over, you may want to leave the lights hanging until New Year’s Eve. But once the new year has begun, it is high time to put the lights away. Because Christmas is a recurring event, it would be helpful if you could use the same lights and decorations again next year. There are several tips for storing your Christmas lights. It is most important to store the lights in a clean and dry place. The electrical components can be damaged if the lights are not stored properly. It is also important to roll up your lights and not just put them away without thinking it through. You don’t want to end up untying for several hours next Christmas… Watch out you don’t roll up the Christmas lights too tight. If you roll them up too tightly, the cord can break or be damaged.