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Advice on paint sprayers

The kind of paint sprayer

Which best paint sprayer you choose depends on the type of jobs you are going to carry out. There are hlvp paint sprayers where the reservoir is attached to the machine, so you keep everything in one hand during spraying. Because the amount of paint that you can pun in the cup is limited (often up to about 300 milliliters) this is especially suitable for smaller paint jobs. Do you spray large surfaces such as walls or ceilings, then a spray gun with a separate reservoir on the floor is more convenient. The machine is then attached to the cup by means of a hose, so that you have enough room to move.


The spray distance

Keep the paint spray between 15 and 25 centimeters away from the surface to be sprayed. If you hold the paint gun too close to the wall, the paint does not get the chance to distribute itself sufficiently. The jet will then remain too thick, resulting in drops and stains. And that was exactly what you wanted to prevent by not using awkward rollers. Too far away is not a good idea either: a part of the paint is already lost before it is on the wall.


The paint yield

The paint yield is the amount of paint that comes out of the syringe per minute. With small jobs such as the radiator paints, you need a lower paint yield than with large jobs such as doors or walls. With most paint spraying systems, the amount of paint you apply per minute is infinitely variable. You choose the ideal paint yield for your job yourself. The big advantage of paint spraying is that you often achieve a covering result after one layer. If this is not the case, apply your second layer crosswise. In other words: if you sprayed the first layer horizontally, you will do the next layer vertically, and vice versa.