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No matter how much you type these days, writing remains important: when making small notes or corrections, with a personal birthday card, or simply when making a shopping list. It can be very annoying if you just have a leaking pen that leaves all kinds of stains on that once beautiful birthday card. Or when not a single drop of ink comes out of your pen, even if you have switched to scribbling and scratching out of frustration. To avoid such scenarios it is useful if you just have a really good pen, such as a Cross pens engraved, a Montblanc pix ballpoint pen or a Parker jotter pen.

The ideal gift

A Cross pen engraved is highly recommended. This fountain pen is from the well-known brand Cross. Cross is an American fountain pen brand that has been familiar with the profession for 175 years, so you can be assured that you have a fountain pen of the very best quality. This good quality is even recognized by the American government: Cross is the supplier of stationery for the White House. That is something different from a BIC pen that is assembled as cheaply as possible.

Even nicer than a well-constructed, nice writing pen, is that you can also personalize this Cross pen engraved. There is an option to have your cross pen engraved. You can choose one or two lines of text. For example, you can have a name, date, special text or other message engraved on the pen. This can be meaningful for yourself, but of course also makes the perfect gift idea for one of your loved ones.

Simplicity and aesthetics

Another nice pen is a Montblanc pix ballpoint pen. As the name suggests, this is not a fountain pen, but a ballpoint pen. The Montblanc ballpoint pens are available from different lines: in addition to the Meisterstück and the Limited Editions, there is also the Pix line. The pix line has been carefully designed, based on the Bauhaus architectural movement. It has a puristic design and is easy to use. The materials from which this pen is made are also of high quality: precious resin and platinum details have been used to manufacture the cap and barrel.

In addition to the fact that the montblanc pix ballpoint pen fits comfortably in the hand and flows nicely over the paper, this pen also scores in terms of aesthetics. The design may be simple, but a lot of variation is possible. The pen is available in different colors, including black, dark blue, gray, and medium blue. In addition to these classic colors, there are also the more vibrant options such as orange and mustard yellow.

The classic ballpoint pen

Finally, there is the Parker jotter pen. Parker pens come in different shapes and sizes: ballpoint pens, fountain pens, rollerballs and fountain pens. That is why these pens are also available in different price ranges. The Parker jotter pen was designed in 1954 with an elegant yet simple design and has been popular ever since. This is not without reason: it is a ballpoint pen that falls into the somewhat lower price range, but is nevertheless of very good quality. The top is made of durable metal and has a typical Parker clip.