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Heated Cycling gloves

Now that the weather is allowing to go outside again and temperatures are getting above freezing point, you see more and more people taking their bikes to work or going for a nice long bike ride. It is raining less and less so the bike is a great alternative to leave the car in your driveway. Of course, it is important to set off with the right equipment. Besides a good bike, a warm jacket and nice gloves are also very important. To make sure you are comfortable on the bike, your equipment should be warm enough. Heated cycling gloves are a real godsend for this purpose. They are extremely comfortable and guarantee that you will no longer have to cycle with cold hands. Nothing will stop you from having a nice bike ride.

Heated cycling gloves can mean just that difference between a tedious bike ride to work and a very pleasant one. If you have to cycle with cold hands for too long, it becomes uncomfortable. Your hands will hurt, and you will be cramped on your bike. Because heated cycling gloves take away this discomfort, you will more easily choose to cycle and leave the car behind. Heated cycling gloves are therefore an investment that will pay for itself in the long run because you save on gas. Besides, it is also very good for the environment because you can leave your car at home more often.

The heated cycling gloves are ergonomically designed so that they fit comfortably around your hand, providing optimal heating. The gloves are also fitted with pads in the palm of the hand, giving you more grip on your handlebars. For an ordinary bike ride, this is already handy, but especially if you use the heated gloves while mountain biking, this is very nice. Naturally, the heated cycling gloves are waterproof so they can also withstand quite a bit of rain. And if they get covered in mud while mountain biking, you can easily clean them with a wet cloth.

The heated cycling gloves have a function that allows you to separately heat the palm and the back of the hand. In addition, the gloves can be set in different settings allowing you to set the ideal heating. You can even choose, for example, to have the left hand heated much warmer than the right, or vice versa. A powerful battery powers the gloves, allowing you to heat for hours.

For those looking for comfort and heating, heated cycling gloves are actually an indispensable item in your cycling equipment. Available models of the heated cycling glove are listed at BERTSCHAT┬«. In addition, other types of heated gloves and clothing are also available here. If you would like to be advised on the best equipment for you and your purposes, you can contact one of BERTSCHAT┬«’s experts. Because they themselves have years of experience with these products, they know exactly what you need to make your bike ride the most comfortable one ever.