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Inflatables for this summer

Hi, my name is Joe and Im working for a dutch company which is called It’s a long word and for sure you have no idea what it means, but it simply means: inflatable items. Since 4 years we sell inflatable items. It started with some simple items like inflatable boats and swimrings, but nowadays the inflatable items are more funny, more nice, more big and extremely cool.


Let start to mention some cool items…

The swimrings, we call them zwemband or zwembanden. They use to be a simple inflatable ring. If you check our website you will not find those simple rings anymore. You will see a lot fun! Swimrings look like flamingo’s, like lama’s, like swans and crocodiles. And they are not only made for children. Cause also older people like to relax on a fancy float.

Besides rings you will also find airbeds. In Holland we call them luchtbedden. They are completely closed and carries you on the sea. You can chose for a small or simple float, but also for a fancy and bigger one. Some floats are even made for more people. So you can relax on your float in the pool with you best friend.

Make it yourself easy and add a drink on the bed or beside it. We also sell inflatable coolers and drink holders. They are small and you can put a tin coca cola or beer in it. Make sure your drink will not float away in the sea 🙂

The most funny boat we have in stock is the unicorn boat. Its an inflatable boat for about 5 people. If you buy this huge eye catcher, then make sure you have an electrical pump. Cause blowing this item with your mouth will takes more then a day. If you want so inspiration and like to see our items, then visit our dutch website on