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Office Design Tips For High Productivity

Office design allows you to create an environment which is modern, comfortable and reflects the business. The correct design, colour and furniture can affect many factors such as concentration levels and productivity. As expected, employers require full potential and high productivity to ensure daily tasks are completed, thus allowing the business to grow and develop.

It’s highly important to extend office design to meeting rooms and breakroom as every touch will have some effect. Understanding the business and employee need is a great place to start. If possible, it’s a great idea to take some advice from others in the office and see what positive changes can be made.

So, how can office design effect the team and how can the office be adapted?

Choose your colours carefully

We all have a favourite colour, but in the workplace it’s important to know that it might not be everyone else’s cup of tea. But even more important that the difference in opinion, is the effects that decorative colours can have on individuals to encourage productivity levels.

Red has been named the colour of passion but in office terms this translates to productivity. So, adding some pops of red and red decorations, could trigger the levels of productivity you’d like to see throughout the office.

Desktop Dividers

With trends changing and requirements evolving, desktop screens have become more popular than ever. Regardless of if the need is for noise reduction or social distancing, desktop dividers are favoured.

The luxury of adding a desktop divider to your office is no floor space is used, you have an array of finishes and styles available that can bring an office design together.

Acoustic Dividers – the acoustic foam is ideal when you are looking to reduce office noise and distractions

Acrylic and Perspex Dividers – the transparent material makes it easy to divide desk spaces, but provides visibility so communication can continue

Pinnable Divider – with a pinnable core you’ll be able to attach your tasks and important jobs with a pin

Laminate Divider – a whiteboard, white gloss finish suitable for making notes and being wiped clean

Providing Break Out Areas

Working day in and day out will become tiring, as will sitting in front of a computer all day. Ensuring you take a break and enjoy some down time is important. However, where you take the break is also a factor.

Providing a comfortable, relaxing breakout zone is the way to go. With sofa’s, seating and tables within a well designed area will be a great starting point. Area’s like this will provide your team with the down time they need, so when it comes to work they’ll be revitalised and ready to take on the afternoon.