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Permanent Hair Removal In Amsterdam

Wondering where to get permanent hair removal in Amsterdam? Laser hair removal uses highly concentrated light to destroy hair follicles. Hair will fall out automatically after a few days.

Permanent hair removal is safe for everyone. Both men and women of every skin colour can comfortably go through with the procedure. Before treatment, your skin therapist will conduct an exam to check whether you’re a suitable candidate or not. 

The best treatment

Hair grows in three stages. The anagen phase is the growth phase. The telogen phase is when hair transitions and the catagen phase is the dormant phase. The hair begins to fall then the growth commences again. Laser hair removal is only effective on hairs that are in the anagen phase. This is the reason why more than one treatment is needed to get perfect results. the best therapists for permanent hair removal in Amsterdam come with laser equipment set to fit your skin type and complexion.

Benefits of permanent hair removal

Efficiency- Laser hair treatment is safe and precise. Usually, patients have permanent hair loss after three to seven sessions.

No more shaving or waxing- Laser hair removal leads to permanent hair loss. This means that you don’t have to deal with the constant shaving and waxing for a smooth skin.

Saves time- If you have a busy and demanding lifestyle, finding a time to shave or wax may be difficult. Laser treatment saves you time and leaves you with long-lasting results.

Where can I get permanent hair removal in Amsterdam?

There are clinics all over Amsterdam that specialize in laser hair removal. The clinics have highly qualified skin therapists, guaranteed to give splendid results. Start by checking out these top clinics for permanent hair removal in Amsterdam.


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