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Stand Up Paddle Board Origin

Stand Up Paddling (also known as Stand Up Paddle Boarding or SUP) is becoming more and more popular. And rightly so, because it is a great sport to train your whole body or just relax cruising. But what do we know about the history of Stand Up paddling?

Duke Kahanamoku Inventor of the Stand Up Paddle?
Surfing probably originated in Hawaii and there is a high probability that stand up paddling will also come from these tropical islands. One of the oldest proofs of the existence of Stand Up Paddles dates back to 1939 when a video was recorded of Olympic swimming champion and surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku standing on his board with a paddle in his hand.

The film has survived the test of time and can be found on YouTube. So watch and judge for yourself, this is actually the origin of Stand Up Paddling!

Stand Up Paddling: Surfing or Kayaking?
Despite the idea that Duke Kahanamoku invented stand up paddling, this sport may be much older. Duke Kahanamoku’s board in the film was called an “Australian Surf Ski”. A board that is a cross between a kayak and a normal board!

The kayak and canoe are centuries old and in certain waters it is much more comfortable to stand in your kayak or canoe and sit down. Australians have completely closed the kayak to balance the kayak and there is the Stand Up Paddle!

The Modern History of Stand Up Paddle
The first official SUP boards were made by the legendary Jimmy Lewis. This surfer is one of the best board manufacturers and his first board was launched around 2005. Then the popularity of Stand Up Paddle quickly started. In 2007 the first competitions were organized and in 2013 it was one of the most popular outdoor sports in the United States.

Do you want to start now with Stand Up Paddle?
Stand Up Paddle is not only easy to learn, it is also very nice! It can be used anywhere where there is water. Whether inland water, river, lake or on the open sea. For every water, body type and desired use there is a suitable board to find! Take a look at our large selection of inflatable paddle boards in our webshop and choose, today, a board that suits you perfectly!

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