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The Easiest Way to Use Renewable Energy in Your Home

Let’s start with the basics: what makes energy renewable?

Simply put, sources of energy that are supplied and refilled by nature are referred to as renewable energy.

They include water, sun, earth’s heat, wind, and plants.

These sources are converted into usable forms of power such as heat, mechanical power or electricity.

The Easiest Way to Use Renewable Energy in Your Home

Renewable energy is a good alternative that helps reduce utility bills and conserve the environment.

This is why over the years, consumers have transitioned to environmentally-friendly energy sources at a rapid pace.

The renewable sources contributed to almost 50 percent of the global energy last year.

There is a broad range of alternatives. The trick is finding an energy option that works for your home environment.

Here are reliable renewable energy sources that you might consider for your home:

Solar Panels (Solar Heating, Lighting, and Cooling)

Solar is arguably one of the most popular forms of renewable energy systems available today. It is considered the most effective and reliable renewable type of power.

You can harness the sun’s energy for various household needs. The technology used for solar panels has improved from single-panel use during the day to charging batteries to store power to use during the night.

Solar water heating and air conditioning are also essential. Research indicates that 75 percent of residential energy is used for water heating, space heating, and cooling.

Couple that with underfloor heating in Aberdeen and Dundee and you’ve got yourself an environmentally-friendly, clean and economically practical source of energy

You can use underfloor heating in Aberdeen to enjoy the comfort of water heating properly done, as well as cooling.

Wind Turbines

Scotland’s wind-generated energy increased by 34 percent last year, propelling it as the world leader in using renewable energy as its main source of electricity.

This renewable energy system’s ability to cut down utility expenses by 90 percent is probably one of the reasons why it’s become a top choice.

Aberdeen and Dundee are no strangers to wind turbines. Consumers in these regions can harness electrical power from wind energy, which is considered to be cleaner and more efficient than fossil fuels-generated energy.

For those considering setting up their own private wind turbines, it is advisable that you take a close look at the wind speed in your area before installation. Adequate space for the turbines is also essential for the spins and for managing noise levels.

Wind energy is also a good alternative for the people living in rural areas. But be sure to get permission from the relevant authorities before you install a wind turbine on your plot.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps and underfloor heating in Aberdeen-Dundee have also become a very popular option. Incognito Heating Co has various size pipe options for a ground source heatpump and the necessary expertise to fit every one of them into the ground.

You can choose the size of the pipe depending on the amount of power you want to tap from the ground. The pipes can either be drilled in the land vertically or horizontally. Underground temperature remains constant making this a reliable option throughout the year.

Consider an open area for installation that allows direct heating from the sun rays. You can get a professional to analyse and recommend the best area to dig up for installation.

Hydro Energy

This is also known as hydroelectric power. You need to have a constant water supply for this renewable energy system to be effective.

The most common bodies of water used include rivers and dams, as they retain a large amount of water. Reasonable water current passing through turbines is used to generate power. The run of the river systems diverts the water through a pipeline whose current is used to turn the turbine. Hydroelectric power is reliable if the water supply from your preferred reservoir is constant.

If you live nearby a river or a stream, you can divert them to flow vertically through a turbine to power your home. It is important to have a large vertical distance when diverting your water source to allow it to flow in a constant and controlled manner. A constant and controlled flow guarantees a considerable amount of power.

Keep in mind that this option is not a DIY project. More importantly, it’s not something you can start doing without proper authorisation. Make sure you talk to a professional about your options before getting started.

Geothermal Energy

To get this type of energy, you need to tap it from underground — hot water or steam from drilled wells into the Earth. Finding the right spot for drilling to generate the water can be challenging. As usual, speaking to a professional is highly recommended.

The hot water or steam currents from the ground are channeled from the well using pipes to spin the turbines, which power electric generation. The circular cycle of the water as it spins the turbines and returns to the ground recharges the reservoir and completes the renewable energy cycle.

Consumers prefer this renewable source of energy because it works effectively in both humid and dry regions. You get to reduce your utility bills by 20 to 50 percent compared to the conventional alternatives. Scotland has long since jumped the geothermal bandwagon thanks to the government’s move to support the country’s first deep geothermal heating system.


In 2011, some 9,000 Scottish homes had been earmarked to be powered by bioenergy. This is indeed a huge boost to the country’s renewable energy efforts.

This method of energy generation involves the conversion of biomass into liquid fuels referred to as biofuels. The fuel is portable and has a high energy density. As a result, it can be used for stationary power generation and fueling vehicles. Ethanol is a common biofuel that is collected from the fermentation of high carbohydrate biomass. It can be substituted for gasoline in some regions.


There is a wide variety of renewable energy sources that can be used in Dundee and Aberdeen. The available options are eco-friendly and help in minimising utility costs throughout the year.

You can conduct a research on the available renewable energy options within your region before installation. Alternatively, you can reach out to us and we will help you identify the best alternative for your home.

We do not believe that “one size fits all”. We understand that your every home is different, much like every region and environment. As a result, we strive to determine the most reliable alternative that will supply you with constant energy.