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The taxi-sector holds it’s breath for the coming opening of the catering industry.

The economic chain.

Taxibusinesses occupy an important spot in the economic chain. Hotels, restaurants and cafe’s always provided the taxibusinesses with a big part of there turnover in the past. That is why closing the catering industry has been having a big impact on the income of taxibusinesses. Begin june 2020 the measures for the catering industry are being softened. From that moment a limited number of people are allowed to visit restaurants and cafe’s. The restaurants and cafe’s are only allowed to re-open on the condition that they rearrange their establishment so that the distance between people is sufficient enough. The distance between people must be at least 1,5 meters. Groups of visitors that belong to the same household are exemted from this rule. Another important limitation is that the total number of people inside an establishment arent’s allowed to exeed the numer of 30. And the personel of the establishment is included in this number.

After the reopening.

After the reopening of the catering industry the government will hold a evaluation of the situation so far. If the reopening of the cateringindustry doesn’t have a negative effect on the spreading of the coronavirus cases than further limitations are going to be lifted in the future. All will depend on the question if the coronavirus will resurface once again. In this pandemic the visitors of the catering industry have a big responsibility that is not to be underestimated. Because we cant predict if all visitors of the catering industry can abide by the new rules to prevent new corona cases in a practical sense.


It seems that catering industry owners have gained a new role. Namely that of the enforcer of the new rules. The original role of the catering owner is one of hospitality. It shal take some time for these owners to get used to there new way of leading there businesses. Because can the role of an enforcer and being hospitable at the same time disrupt the way a client feels inside the establishment ? Both parties must get used to the new situation. For the moment the taxi sector is going to hold its breath.