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Why an electric chain hoist is best for industrial applications

Why an electric chain hoist is best for industrial applications

To be able to safely lift heavy objects, you need good and reliable tools. Electric chain hoists are undoubtedly the most time and cost-effective solutions for this type of work. These hoists can lift heavy objects quickly and easily, allowing you to move heavy stuff comfortably and safely from one location to another. There are three types of chain hoists on the market, including hydraulic hoists, hand hoists and electric hoists. An Electric chain hoist 1000kg is suitable to lift objects with a maximum weight of 1 ton! 

Here are some benefits of using a high-capacity electric chain hoist to do the job:


An electric hoist can easily lift heavy objects, increasing productivity on the workplace. Unlike manual hoists, which require great effort to get the job done, electric chain hoists can help you get the job done a lot faster without fatigue from workers throughout the day. This in turn increases productivity and increases profits, bringing the company one step closer to its goals. The Hitachi Electric Hoist 1000KG from Hitachi have a lifting capacity of 1000 kg (1 ton)

Greater Lifting Capacity

There is a great difference between lifting heavy objects manually and using an electric chain hoist. Electric hoists typically feature a high hoist and trolley combination to conveniently lift different types of loads and move heavy loads efficiently and quickly. This means  workers can do these tasks without putting too much stress on themselves.

More durable

Electric hoists have fewer moving parts and less wear and tear than manual and hydraulic hoists. If properly maintained and checked regularly, they will last longer.


This is perhaps one of the most interesting benefits of  electric hoists. They are made to be extremely versatile, allowing them to lift heavy components both vertically and horizontally. Some lifts only allow  vertical movement. This means you  have to invest in two different lifts to be able to move items horizontally as well.

Quieter operation

Compared with hydraulic hoists, electric hoists are quieter and can make your workplace more pleasant and comfortable. In general, if your process requires the use of a hoist, an electric hoist is much safer for your ears and  a great help in protecting your hearing.

If your job usually involves lifting heavy objects, then buying an electric hoist is the right decision. However, it is important to invest in a high-quality electric hoist to ensure you get the expected benefits of these machines. All the electric chain hoists made by Hitachi UK live up to the highest standards and have received the UK Conformity certification.

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