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Why ordering your nendoroid from this webshop is a good idea

If you’re a big fan of anime or Japanese stuff and general and you are looking for a way to decorate your room, you should pay a visit to Nendo Addicts. They have a webshop and a physical store in Antwerp, filled with all sorts of nendoroids and other Japanese products. The founder of this store created Nendo Addicts to find more fans who shared the same hobby. If you end up ordering a nendoroid from here, you know that you are buying from someone who loves the hobby just as much as, or even more than, you do. Read on and find out which nendoroids they have on offer!

Nendoroids from all your favourite anime shows

If you’re an anime lover, there is no doubt that you will find nendoroids that you like. Take for example the hugely popular show Attack On Titan. Nendo Addicts has various nendoroids from this show available for pre-order. Do you prefer Eren Yeager, or are you thinking about ordering the Armin Arlert nendoroid as soon as it is released? The choice is all yours. They also have nendoroids from other popular anime shows such as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures or Haikyuu, but also from games such as The Witcher, Magic The Gathering or Among Us, which took the gaming world by storm. Are you also interested in ordering other stuff besides a cool nendoroid? They also have Japanese food & drinks, plushies, figurines and apparel! In short, if you love Japanese culture, you will definitely find something worth ordering from Nendo Addicts, whether it’s a nendoroid, a plushy, or food and drinks!

Order your favourite item online or in-store

Did you find your favourite item in their store? Then you can choose whether you want to order online or visit their store in Antwerp. Is your favourite nendoroid currently unavailable? Then you can sign up for a pre-order. This way you can make sure that you can get your nendoroid as soon at it is released. Do you want to stay up-to-date of new releases, conventions or restocks? Make sure to sign up for their newsletter too!